When your poncho lets you down

This morning the clouds unleashed a long lasting torrent of rain, that caused the drive to work to be a little slower than normal.  While the temperature was quite nice, the rain was unceasing.  When I parked my car in the city and reached for my trusty (and getting quite old now) snow jacket… only to be left grasping nothing.  I realised that the jacket wasn’t in the car where I normally leave it as I had used it on the weekend while taking my dog Errol for a walk.  I silently chided myself for my absentmindedness and gathered up my backpack and water before departing the car.  In the rain I walked to my boot where I keep my get home bag, and opened it up to remove the military style rain poncho I bought around 6 years ago.

I have only used this item a half dozen times as it is really just for when I really need it.  Well, I really needed it today, so I slipped it over my head, and noticed that there was a small tear in the front just down from the neck.  As I adjusted the poncho on the sides and back the tear rapidly increased in size, so that it was only a couple of inches from the bottom.  I realised that it was ruined, so I removed it and in doing so finished the tear so it completed it’s run.

I had to walk to work in the rain, so once I arrived I placed my wet items on chair in my office to dry.   So, I am now looking at other options.  One item I found on eBay is from Gensen Military Gear.

I am not 100% sure it will work out.  I like the look of the poncho, yet reviews for other items seem to be kinda bad.  Yet, as eBay has a great return policy (unlike AliExpress) I might take a chance on it.

Which leads to a question… why a poncho?  One reason is that I like Ponchos.  I actually wear one at home as I like the warmth it provides along with the freedom of movement.

me in a Poncho with Errol
me in a Poncho with Errol


I like the fact that a Poncho can be easily carried in a bag and if needed can provide a great deal of rain protection.  I could also use it for other purposes (such as assisting with a shelter in an emergency).  It allows me to wear a backpack and keep it dry too.


I really like the look of this one from Gloryfire

This one, while weighing a littme more, appears to be much more substantial.  I doubt I could rip this one by accident.  I think I will have to make a decision soon, and once I do, I will be sure to let you all know how it works out.

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