“While we are postponing, life speeds by.” – Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Last weekend I have made an effort, between my normal chores and preparing a couple of Roosters for our dinners, to work in the garden.  The weather hasn’t been the greatest, with a high amount of rainfall and very cold nights, so I have been forced to focus on things close to home.

I do talk a lot in my blog about gardening, which I am sure you may have noticed.  No, I am not about to change my blog into a gardening blog!  For those of you new to prepping, gardening is key to food security. There are a couple of ways I can ensure my families food security… stock up on food (which we do a little of, we try to keep at least a months supply of food in the pantry) or develop a way to make my own.

Gardening ensures that I have a way of bringing food to the table.  Gardening provides me with a way to bring fresh, high quality food to my family… food that I know is good to eat.  It is also allowing me to practice producing my gardening, as well as showing my children the process of bringing food to their plates.  Finally, it is so satisfying to gather food after all that work and be able to eat (and share it with my family).  It really makes me feel a sense of well being.

Storing food is a great, it is much easier that gardening.  If you have the money and the space it you can trade them for a large amount of food.  I don’t have a lot of either, so I keep my food supply to a months worth (although, with my recent work in the kitchen, I am going to be able to increase it to two to three months worth).  You have to remember though, that canned food has a limited shelf life. I opened a can of Apricots the other night.  The can was 4 years old and as you can see, the contents were not great.  I still ate some of it and it did fill me up, yet it wasn’t that tasty.

I also opened a 4 year old can of cured ham.  It had stored a little better, yet it didn’t taste as great as a fresh can.



As I mentioned, I have been working in the garden… trying to prepare the garden for the coming Spring, as well as get some produce growing.  I cleared several areas of weeds and residual plants which I grew over summer.  After an hour of digging and weeding I was ready to plant 6 different types of peas.  I will document my progress with these over the coming months.

My garden area just before digging.

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