“Wine is bottled poetry.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

This weekend we planted the last of the fruit and nut trees which I purchased, the Peach and the three hazelnut.  I mentioned the other day that I bought a hazelnut… I only bought one as I was sure that the trees near my house were hazelnut trees (and you apparently need three near each other to pollinate the others).  Turns out I was wrong and they were not hazelnut… they aren’t even nuts!  Anyways, I bought two other hazelnuts from Greenhills Nursery, as well as a Satsuma Plum (this is a really nice Dark Purple plum with Dark Red flesh.  It is also called a Blood Plum).  When I bought the plum an old gentleman at the Nursery was interested in my purchase and was very keen to make sure I had other plums to pollinate the Satsuma.  I assured him that I have more than enough with six plum trees.

Two of the tree Hazelnuts which I planted.



If you are looking for a good Nursery in the Hobart area, I would recommend GreenHills.  They have a great selection of fruit trees, really friendly staff who know a lot about the products, and they have a gorgeous German Shepard dog called “Bear”.  Bear loves it when you kick a ball for him to chase and bring back to you.

We also planted the last of our Blueberries and grapes which we brought from the old house.  The grapes looked like they almost sighed with relief to be out of the pots and into the ground, as they have been in there for so long.  We planted four Lambrusco grapes, which I can use to eat till we produce enough that I can use them to make some Italian style dolce wine at a later date.

The plant is already shooting buds.



I also spent time planting five of our Blueberry plants into a section of the garden which we are intending to be used to develop the shrubs, with maybe a dwarf fruit tree or two.  I planted two Gooseberries in the area as well as Strawberries.    You can see in the image that I have planned the area by plotting the border with wooden garden stakes.  I then placed electric fence posts in the ground and used some rope to create a small fence to prevent the kids and the dog from roaming into the area.

Just putting the finishing touches on this plant.


Oh, I wanted to show a picture of this daisy plant that I dug out.  It was in the location that I intended to use for a Hazelnut, so it had to go. I have never seen a Daisy grow this large, have anyone seen anything like this before?


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