“…with a Little Help from My Friends” – John Lennon and Paul McCartney

Today I have a cross post from my partner Kitty.  She actually wrote it as a letter to the editor for the Hobart newspaper, yet I wanted to put it here as I thought it was relevant to our goal of making a better life and it might inspire others to consider their own role models.

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Every once in a while, we are woken from our inertia by something that catches the eye and raises the temperature.

I recently read that, upon reaching the milestone of 27 million Instagram followers, Kim Kardashian celebrated by posting a selfie of her butt.

27 million people = butt selfie.

Even given the overwhelming power of social networking on our modern lives, this statistic is extraordinary!

So, clawing my way up from the pit of ‘pop culture meets the digital age’ despair, I wondered what ‘good’ could come from Ms Kardashian’s astonishing accomplishment.

I began to imagine a world where Ms Kardashian, and the like, encouraged their ‘followers’ to donate just $1 every week to charities which support the vulnerable and desperate in our society.

Groups such as: victims of domestic violence, the homeless, retired veterans and their families or life-changing causes such as cancer research or the Red Cross (the list could go on and on…) would benefit immensely from these donations.

Even if only half of Ms Kardashian’s 27 million followers donated, it would be a remarkable achievement. It could change the world!

So why doesn’t this happen?

Should we expect a heightened sense of social responsibility from the uber-famous or mega-influential?

Should we assume that they will use their influence on an unfathomable number of people towards outcomes that do not directly benefit themselves?

Perhaps not. BUT we can hope, and we can speak up!

All too often modern ‘role models’ have little or (less than) nothing to offer. Should we call them out? Demand that they do more to improve their local or global community, or should we just continue in our own life, doing the best we can?

As for me, I say YES call them out, but only if you can do it constructively. No point in aggravating the haters and the superficial.

My plan is to work from the inside. Lets us be the role models! For our children, our parents, friends and our communities. You might not have 27 million people following you, but you have the opportunity, every day in many ways, to set a great example to those around you.

Plant a tree.

Grow some veges.

Do volunteer work in your community.

Learn a new skill

Ring that person you’ve been thinking about.

Smile at a stranger.

… and remember, even without 27 million ‘followers’, the person standing beside you in the supermarket or bus stop or post office is far more interesting than Kim Kardashian.



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