“You can always tell when the groove is working or not.” – Prince

Almost 9 months ago I placed a bag of walnuts within my refrigerator.  These were a gift from a friend who had collected them from his own walnut tree.  I decided to place them into my fridge to try to cause them to sprout.  I had read that placing them into the cold of the fridge, over the course of several months, will cause them to sprout.  Once sprouted they can be planted.  With dreams of a planting a Walnut forest I placed this bag of nuts in my fridge.  Every couple of months, I would check the nuts, thinking that soon they would sprout, every time I checked there was not progress.

Eventually, after 9 months (which was three times the amount of time the Wiki page recommended) I decided that I had enough.  I took the bag from my fridge and grabbed a pair of nut crackers.  A couple of minutes of work on the nuts saw the results laid bare.


It appeared that almost a third of the nuts had shriveled and blackened.  The other portion seemed fine, and I tasted them to be sure they were still good (and they were).

I learned a little lesson… something I really already know, which is to check the facts.  I should have checked multiple sources for advice on how to sprout walnuts.  Since this failure I have found some more useful information, both on the web and also in many of the books which I own.

I will keep you updated on any results.

My rabbit Rodger is a father again, although not with any of my rabbits.  A friend of mine owns a British Giant female, and she wanted to breed from her.  As my rabbit Rodger is a fine, handsome Rabbit, she naturally wanted him as the father.  So I placed them together and, long story short, the female gave birth to 7 little bunnies.  You can see a video of them below.

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