“You can observe a lot by just watching. – Yogi Berra

I don’t know how I did it, but I screwed my back up again.  It could have been when I was helping out at the pistol range on the weekend (I was carrying around some heavy target stands, preparing for the day’s shooting), could be when I was working on the chicken houses on the weekend, or maybe it was just some weird twist that caused my back to seize up again.  Regardless of the cause, it has prevented me from going to work for a couple of days and meant that I am back to doing the bare minimum around the house.  This is really annoying because my back has been pretty good for ages.

Generic Alice pack


As I am not being too active, I have taken some time to scour the internet for information on Preppers.  There is still a lot of misinformation out there, some of it is from people who want to push their own agenda yet most of it comes from people who are trying to be helpful and don’t really know that they are spreading misinformation.  Many people new to prepping fall into the rabbit hole of needing information, yet with no idea of what to do.  I was reading on a forum (I won’t mention where) of a person was asking a question about Prepping.  He was totally new to prepping and wanted to know which bag he should buy for himself.  He stated that he lived in the UK, was totally new to it, but wanted to get started with buying the best bag he could find.  He was inundated with different bags and opinions, and he was very grateful.  People were telling him to go camping for a week and he will learn what he needs to know, others were recommending Alice bags, or whatever.  Everyone missed the chance to tell him to maybe focus his attention on the important needs of food, water and warmth.  Unless he was fleeing, or trying to get home, he wouldn’t really need a bag.  A bag is for carrying things, of which he had nothing.  This person had the best of intentions, yet he was worrying about a minor aspect of his survival needs.

Image from RationalSurvivor.com, just one of the other sites I visited in my search of the web. Don’t get me started on the trigger finger position in that picture!

I was pretty disappointed with my searching the web.  Most information I encountered were focused on the doomsday and gloomy side of Prepping.  I realise that this is attractive to people, yet I don’t go for it as it is not productive to preparing in the long term.  For example, I have a friend who was interested in prepping… until she saw Doomsday Preppers and found information on the web that scared her.  She has a young son that needs medication to live, and the information she found scared her that she could not look after her son in a total grid down, end of the world, scenario.  I tried to show her that such a situation was so unlikely that she shouldn’t worry, and instead be concerned with the smaller things.  An example is preparing for a power outage which would ruin the medication in her fridge.  A couple of simple steps could be taken (such as a generator, battery backup, etc) to prevent this from happening, yet she could not bring herself to think of it.  I let her know that I was more then willing to help her, should she want to know anything, and I told her I would leave her be… I would not bring up Prepping again.  I respect her decision to not want to prepare, same as I respect everyone.  I hope that one day she does ask me for help, so that I can undo a lot of the damage these Doomsday shows have caused.

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