“You can’t just let nature run wild.” – Walt Disney

I have spent most of the last few days working in the garden as well as removing some weeds which are making our property look a little unsightly.  We are still intending to sell the house so I need to keep vigilant about this.  To assist me in the removal of the weeds I have enlisted the help of some of my rabbits.  As you can see in the below video they really seem to enjoy helping me.

I am trying to make my videos a little more interesting to watch, so I am trying out some new editing software.

The weed over which I placed their hutch is one of the persistent types of weeds I have growing here on the property.  The rabbits really took to knocking it down.  Interesting point for those of you looking to get rabbits, these two females live together in another hutch.  They get along very well and seem to enjoy each others company.  When I placed these two in this new hutch, they began to fight each other till the Ginger rabbit took the submissive role and ran from the Black rabbit.  This lasted 5 minutes till I began filming, which was when they calmed down and began to act more friendly.  I am not sure what caused the behavior, could be the smaller hutch (it is a temporary hutch which is smaller, yet they are only ever in there for a couple of hours at a time), could be that they needed to re-establish who was the dominant rabbit.

Only a sample of my bountiful harvest – These are snow peas.

With my work in the garden over these few days I have completed another of my 13 skills.  This skill is Gardening.  While my garden isn’t huge, it is producing food for my family.  We have enjoyed produce from my garden every day this past week, this made our Christmas day lunch extra special.

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